Planned for next versions
Planned Features
  • Option to optionally remove the weapons from Rok Match Levels (e.g for instagib-like game modes) - Done in v1.26 of the mod
  • Make the three missing colors (cyan, orange, teal) which are only selectalbe at "Team"-GameTypes selectable in the color menu.
  • Make people drop weapons at dying in Arena Levels (if EnemiesDropWeapons parameter in the Server is set to TRUE) - Seems to be a bug in the entire Turok Game, the EnemiesDropWeapons parameter doesn't work like the way it was ment to be working + there are differences in the LevelSets.
  • Create one levelset which includes CTF, Rok and Arena Levels, to run a server which contains levels from Arena and Rok LevelSets at the same time. (Help please)
  • Speed up the raptor, at ALL_CHARACTERS_SAME, the raptor is at speed 1.0 - ignoring the SpeedMultiplier variable in the server!
  • Make it possible to change the ingame gravity.