Modified Turok - New GameTypes
Turok2MPmod.exe - What to do with it
The existing Turok2MP.exe can be replaced with the new Turok2MPmod.exe, it contains the existing Turok Game (version 1.03) wihtout changes, but additionally two new playable gametypes!

Playable GameTypes:

  • CTF
  • Arena
  • Team Arena
  • Rok Match
  • Team Rok Match
  • AWR Match - NEW!
  • Team AWR Match - NEW!

(The AWR GameTypes are only hostable with the new Dedicated Turok2 Server as described here. It can't be hosted with the integrated server)

The AWR Match GameType is a combination of the existing Arena and Rok Match GameTypes. The advantages of both GameTypes were used to create a new one.

To understand what AWR is and why it was created i'll shortly describe the existing GameTypes:

  • ARENA:
    In Arena it is possible to set Start-Weapons, then it's like a 1 on 1 fight until one team wins, and a countdown follows until the next team can fight.
    In Rok all players start with Pistol and WarBlade and get instantly into a all vs all fight, if a player dies he can instantly respawn.
    With the cracked Turok Dedicated server some time ago it is possible to host all GameTypes in all LevelSets. This means all Players who try to play a Rok Match in Arena Levels won't be able to use any other weapon than Pistol or WarBlade (or Shotgun if they use a Shotgun-Character), and very limited ammo, because there are no items to pick up.
  • AWR MATCH 'Adjustable Weapon Rok Match':
    In AWR you get instantly into the action like in Rok Match, no waiting time like in Arena, and you spawn with the weapons which you can setup in the server like in Arena GameType. (That's why it's called Adjustable- or Arena Weapons Rok Match). Also it can be decided if the maximum ammo for the weapons is used.
Possible usage of the AWR GamType
With the AWR GameType many things can be solved, for example:
  • Remove Shotgun Characters:
    Since the Turok Developers didn't remove the Shotgun at Flesh and Purr Lin characters if ALL_CHARS_SAME was set in the server, people who used these characters had an advantage. With AWR it's possible to force the Start Weapons to 'Pistol and WarBlade' - In this case the 'Shotgun-Characters' will spawn without the shotgun, too.
  • Have some better weapons at start in Rok Match:
    The Pistol in Rok Match is pretty useless, instead of that, it's possible to just set a Mag60 or even Plasma for everybody to get in the action!
  • Weapons at Rok Match in Arena Levels:
    Now with AWR it's possible to set all weapons you desire in the server, and have some kind of Rok Match in Arena Levels. Get instantly into the action - a war zone with many ppl in a small area, if anybody dies, he can get right back into the action without waiting until the fight is over! CrazyTrain reminded us recently again that this was a dream that never came true - now let's see what happens!
  • Instagib
    Instead of the usual 1on1 plasma only Arena with waiting time, it's now possible to setup a instagib like in other fps games. Spawn with Plasma, set DamageMultiplier high and everybody can fight in Arena and dies instantly from one shot!

    Since v1.26 of the mod it's possible to play instagib in Rok Match Levels, too. Therefore the WeaponsRemain Parameter in the Server Config was used to remove Items from the map. If it's set to false, no items will appear to pick up, if it's set to true, the items are there and weapons remain.