Host AWR GameType
Start the server
Download complete Server Files HERE

Or only the changed/additional files HERE

Run the server with the DedicatedServer.exe like this:

If you prefere to run it manually, you might change following things in the server config

  • ArenaWeapons= - Parameter to set the start weapons
  • GameType=AWR Match or Team AWR Match
  • ArenaMaxAmmo=TRUE or FALSE - If true, there will be normal arrows beside the Tek arrows available
Remember to start the RTIME_ACCESS_CONTROL.exe, too please!!

Please make sure to put the link to this website ( somewhere in your servername, else players who try to connect with the unmodified Turok2MP.exe won't understand what to do to get in!

Changes made to the Dedicated Server files
The following changes were made to the Turok Server Files:

  • RT_APPKEY.txt:
    A new connection key was added to make it possible to grant access to AWR GameTypes only with the modified Turok2MP.exe.
  • GM_WIN32.exe:
    The Turok2 Game Manager was modified to allow the GameType=AWR Match and GameType=Team AWR Match in the dedicated server configuration.
    (The updated filename is gm_win32extended.exe)
    This is a new program which observes the client's connections to the Turok2 Runtime Server. If a client connects to a GameManager that currently runs the AWR Match GameType, the Runtime Server will be forced to only allow connections with the modified Turok.exe and terminate connection requests with the old Turok.exe.

    It is really important to run this and that the AWR GameType is played with the modified Turok.exe, else people who use the old Turok.exe will think that people cheat, and it might make the server go crazy due to version differences because the unmodified exe forces the game mode to Rok Match!

  • DedicatedServer.exe (The Server Configuration GUI):
    The configuration GUI has been updated with the AWR GameTypes, so you don't have to worry about anything anymore - everything is started automatically and easy to configure.
  • For more information view the VERSION_HISTORY.txt
Virus scan false detection
Your virus scanner might detect following programs as malicious softare, but it is not, i'll explain why
  • DedicatedServer.exe (Server Configuration GUI)
    If a new server is started, the program checks if there's already the runtime server (rt_srv_win32.exe) and the RTIME_ACCESS_CONTROL.exe running. If it isn't running, these programs are started. This check is done with using functions of the Windows API which are sometimes used to do malicious things. But it's all for good.
    First this program checks if there are gm_win32.exe and rt_srv_win32.exe is running on your computer

    Then it writes my program code into the Memory of the gm_win32.exe and the rt_srv_win32.exe, with my code it is possible for my program to see if a client connects to a game manager (gm_win32.exe).

    The function of the code:
    If there is somebody currently connecting to a GameManager running on your PC, my program checks the GameType of the GameManager, if it is the AWR Match GameType, it forces the rt_srv_win32.exe to only grant the connection if the client uses the modified Turok2 version. Else the connection will be blocked.

    After successful connection or blocked client, the rt_srv_win32.exe will be set to accept connections from all Turok Versions again.