Modified Turok 2 Version
Download latest version of Turok2MPmod.exe:
CLICK HERE (Turok2mod v1.27, Mar 8 2013)

Download the file, extract it to your Turok2 folder and use the new Turok2MPmod.exe to play!

you find your turok version here:

The existing Turok2MP.exe can be replaced with the new Turok2MPmod.exe, it contains the existing Turok Game (version 1.03) wihtout changes, but additionally two new playable gametypes!

Read more about it here , and with stepping through the menu on the left side!

Created by kBg*Basber

Message me if you got any suggestions or problems :)

Gameplay example
Instagib in City4, 1 Health, instantly respawn, no items to pick up, max ammo, plasma only (Textures by CrazyTrain, Check out Turok DressingRoom)